An Open Letter to President Biden

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Dear President Biden:In your recent press conference, you claimed not to know what Republicans stand for. That’s hard to believe, given that you spent a lifetime in the Senate. But if you don’t know or forgot, let me enlighten you:

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in peace through strength, not weakness and capitulation to tyrants.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that America is a good and moral country. The progressives in your party are actively rooting for the destruction of our nation by peddling the lie that it is systemically racist.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that America is the land of opportunity, to which people around the globe still flock for opportunity. REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in a free market economy, based on supply and demand, in which the choices of millions of consumers decide prices, rather than the government dictating winners and losers.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that hard work should determine success in life, not crony capitalism, in which an “artist” whose Daddy is President can sell his fingerpaintings for an enormous price.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that loving parents should have the power to raise their children, not disconnected government officials. Parents are in the best position to make educational and medical decisions for their children.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in law and order. A government which allows its people to be terrorized by criminals is not doing its job.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that the line between good and evil runs through every heart. Only barbarians tear down historical monuments under the guise of moral outrage over the actions of men who lived in another era.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in the freedom of speech, which should not be abridged by government entities, large corporations, or a social media mob.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in the right to bear arms, which protects all our other rights.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in the necessity of protecting the most vulnerable citizens from violence and poverty, by showing kindness, compassion, and charity to our neighbors.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that America should actively avoid reliance on other nations for our energy, medicine, food supply, or any critical consumer product. Although we must participate in the global economy, we must tap into our own resources so that we are not left at the mercy of foreign supply chains.

REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in the power of Almighty God to hear our prayers to unify our divided people, so that we may work together to form a more perfect union. We hope that you now understand what Republicans stand for, Mr. President, and pray that you start leading this country instead of making excuses by vilifying half of the citizens you represent.

Lisa Pezzano MickeyPresident, Hunterdon County Federated Republican Women

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